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Fashion Terms & Glossary 


Extraneous items including jewellery, hats, bags etc

Activewear refers to any type of clothing that is designed to be worn during an active sport, such as yoga pants, track pants, swim shorts, rugby shorts etc. 

Acrylic fabric is a synthetic man-made polymer fabric. Acrylic Fabrics are lightweight, soft and tend not to crease. Acrylic is often used as a substitute to wool in jackets, jumpers, tops and scarves etc. However it is not as warm. 

A dress or skirt silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently out to make an ‘A’ shape silhouette. Flattering on most figures in particular pear shapes. 

An anorak is a hooded sports jacket specifically designed for extreme weather conditions. (i.e. windy, snowy etc.) An anorak is also known as a Parka, Windbreaker or Windcheater

Androgeny refers to a look that is of indeterminate gender. Most commonly this look features garments and style traits that are commonly associated with the opposite gender to the wearer . i.e. women wearing ties, brogues and oversized dress shirts. 

Applique is a method of decorating garments in which one fabric is applied to another, often with floral and leaf patterns, but can be of any design and are stitched around the edged. 

Apparel is a common term used to describe clothing, attire, clothes and/or garments.

Derived from the tartan of a West Scotland clan. Argyle is a knitted or woven pattern made from diamond shapes in two or more colours, on a solid background. 

An asymmetric design is a garment in which one side is long than the other. Asymmetric cuts are common in necklines, collars and hems. 

Ascot Collar
Typically worn with a cravat. An Ascot Collar is a tall collar with points turned up over chin. 

Aviator Jacket
A leather jacket typically with a sheepskin collar. Styled around the leather jackets worn by fighter pilots in WWI and WWII. 

Aviator Sunglasses
An oversized style of sunglasses, popularized by pilots. 


Baby Doll
Popularized by Carroll Baker 1956 film of the same name - A Baby Doll dress is a short dress typically worn as a night dress, that has progressed into everyday wear. Often made of light chiffon fabrics and decorated with lace, ribbon and bows. A baby doll style consists of an empire neckline and micro skirt. 

Bags come in all shapes and sizes. Made from leather, plastic or fabric; bags can be worn over the shoulder, across the body, on the back or carried in the hand. Although largely practical bags have evolved into a fashion statement all their own - stemming into clutches, totes, satchels, backpacks, purses, shoulder bags, messenger bags and many more. Designer bags are an easy accessible designer item. 

A piece of cloth worn tied around the head or neck. 

A narrow piece of fabric worn around the bust as a strapless alternative to a bra. 

Popularized in the 1930's and 1980's. The batwing sleeve designed from a large triangular piece of fabric that connects the shoulder to the wrist and the wrist to the waist. 

Bell Sleeve
A bell sleeve is a standard sleeve that flares out from the elbow or upper arm to create a bell shape. 

Bellow Pocket
A large gusseted pocket that is often featured on jackets, pants and skirts. Often seen on safari inspired garments. 

A strip of flexible material made of various materials such as leather, cloth, woven fabrics or chain. Traditionally worn around the waist to support trousers - belts have grown into a fashionable accessory often worn around the waist or under the bust. 

Closely associate with French culture, a beret is a soft round hat traditionally made of felt or knitted wool. 

Bermuda Shorts
Also known as Walking Shorts or Dress Shorts. Bermuda Shorts are semi-casual short trouser that falls to the knee. Bermuda shorts can be worn cuffed or uncuffed. The name is derived from the country Bermuda - where it was considered acceptable for business and military men to wear short trousers due to the heat. 

Bertha Collar
A deep flat collar that falls from neckline to shoulder opening at front or back. 

A diagonal cut made against the grain of a fabric. Garments cut on the bias have a fluid movement and drape; following the curves of the body. 

Bib Necklace
A necklace that features a large front section that is often decorated, embroidered or beaded. 

Bishop Sleeve
A long sleeve that fullness in the sleeve and is held by cuff at wrist. 

A jacket with long sleeves and lapels. Blazers can be worn formally or casually. 

A women's shirt. 

A style of jeans or pants that tapers to the knee and then slightly flares to the ankle. Worn by both men and women. 

Woven or knitted fabric with a looped texture, popularized by fashion house Chanel. 

Breton Stripe
Breton stripes consist of a thin blue horizontal stripes on a white background. Popularized by Coco Chanel in the 1930's and based on the traditional French sailor top. 

Originating in the 17th Century Brocade is Italian for embossed cloth. A rich, ornate fabric with elaborate design - often reversible and featuring motifs such as flowers, foliage and scrollwork. Made with a jacquard loom. 

A flat heeled, leather, laced-up shoe with a perforated pattern design. 






Fall | Fashion season: When fashion companies want to abbreiviate the name of a season for a current or futuer collection. For example, take the season Fall18 or Fall/Winter18, this season can expressed by FW18, F18/W18. F|W18.

























Slub Jersey: Also known as Marled Slub Jersey

SS: Spring | Summer, is used when abbreviating a season for most fashion companies. For example, take the season Spring 2019 orSummer 2019, these season can be expressed by SS 2019, SS19, S|S 2019, SS, SP19, SUM19, S|S19.